Production Update: February 2015 (#10)

Today our sources have given us our biggest scoop yet, supplying us with an exclusive new production list which gives us information on many new A350 frames.

This includes information about the first A350s for airlines such as American Airlines, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways and many more.

The list below is grouped by airline, but you can find the list grouped by serial number via a link at the bottom of the article.

MSN001 – Airbus (1st)
MSN002 – Airbus (2nd)
MSN003 – Airbus (3rd)
MSN004 – Airbus (4th)
MSN005 – Airbus (5th)
MSN059 – Airbus (6th) – First A350-1000
MSN065 – Airbus (7th) – Second A350-1000
MSN071 – Airbus (8th) – Third A350-1000
MSN154 – Airbus (9th) – First A350-800

Qatar Airways
MSN006 – Qatar Airways (1st)
MSN007 – Qatar Airways (2nd)
MSN008 – Qatar Airways (5th)
MSN009 – Qatar Airways (3rd)
MSN010 – Qatar Airways (4th)
MSN011 – Qatar Airways (6th)
MSN012 – Qatar Airways (7th)
MSN013 – Qatar Airways (8th)
MSN021 – Qatar Airways (9th)
MSN025 – Qatar Airways (10th)
MSN033 – Qatar Airways (11th)
MSN036 – Qatar Airways (12th)
MSN042 – Qatar Airways (13th)
MSN047 – Qatar Airways (14th)
MSN060 – Qatar Airways (15h)
MSN067 – Qatar Airways (16th)
MSN088 – Qatar Airways (17th) – First Production A350-1000

Vietnam Airlines
MSN014 – Vietnam Airlines (1st)
MSN015 – Vietnam Airlines (2nd)
MSN016 – Vietnam Airlines (3rd)
MSN017 – Vietnam Airlines (4th)
MSN056 – Vietnam Airlines (5th)
MSN070 – Vietnam Airlines (6th)
MSN099 – Vietnam Airlines (7th)

MSN018 – Finnair (1st)
MSN019 – Finnair (2nd)
MSN020 – Finnair (3rd)
MSN022 – Finnair (4th)
MSN023 – Finnair (5th)
MSN028 – Finnair (6th)
MSN051 – Finnair (7th)

TAM Airlines
MSN024 – TAM Airlines (1st)
MSN027 – TAM Airlines (2nd)
MSN035 – TAM Airlines (3rd)
MSN045 – TAM Airlines (4th)
MSN048 – TAM Airlines (5th)
MSN050 – TAM Airlines (6th)
MSN064 – TAM Airlines (7th
MSN072 – TAM Airlines (8th)

Singapore Airlines
MSN026 – Singapore Airlines (1st)
MSN030 – Singapore Airlines (2nd)
MSN031 – Singapore Airlines (3rd)
MSN037 – Singapore Airlines (4th)
MSN041 – Singapore Airlines (5th)
MSN053 – Singapore Airlines (6th)
MSN061 – Singapore Airlines (7th)
MSN068 – Singapore Airlines (8th
MSN092 – Singapore Airlines (9th)

Cathay Pacific
MSN029 – Cathay Pacific (1st)
MSN032 – Cathay Pacific (2nd)
MSN034 – Cathay Pacific (3rd)
MSN038 – Cathay Pacific (4th)
MSN039 – Cathay Pacific (5th)
MSN046 – Cathay Pacific (6th)
MSN054 – Cathay Pacific (7th)
MSN058 – Cathay Pacific (8th)
MSN062 – Cathay Pacific (9th)
MSN069 – Cathay Pacific (10th)
MSN073 – Cathay Pacific (11th)
MSN147 – Cathay Pacific (12th)

Ethiopian Airlines
MSN040 – Ethiopian Airlines (1st)
MSN043 – Ethiopian Airlines (2nd)
MSN144 – Ethiopian Airlines (3rd)

Thai Airways
MSN044 – Thai Airways (1st)

China Airlines
MSN049 – China Airlines (1st)
MSN057 – China Airlines (2nd)
MSN066 – China Airlines (3rd)

SriLankan Airlines
MSN052 – SriLankan Airlines (1st)
MSN055 – SriLankan Airlines (2nd)
MSN063 – SriLankan Airlines (3rd)

MSN074 – Lufthansa (1st)

Air Caraïbes
MSN082 – Air Caraïbes (1st)

Asiana Airlines
MSN085 – Asiana Airlines (1st)

TAP Portugal
MSN090 – TAP Portugal (1st)

American Airlines
MSN106 – American Airlines (1st)

Etihad Airways
MSN118 – Etihad Airways (1st) – A350-1000

All frames are A350-900s (except where noted), and you can see a much more detailed production list by clicking HERE or HERE.

We can’t obviously disclose who supplied us this list, but it was from a trusted source, and is of course subject to change.

Image Copyright to A380_TLS_A350

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